Pro-Trump Superstar Allen West Involved In Brutal Motorcycle Crash


Pro-Trump superstar and former congressman Allen West has reportedly been involved in a brutal and highly serious motorcycle crash while attending a rally in Texas.

  As The Hill reports:

Former Florida Republican Congressman Allen West was injured in a motorcycle accident in Waco, Texas,  his wife announced Saturday evening.

“Please pray for Allen West. He is in Emergency and his motorcycle has been hit outside of WACO. On my way to hospital now,” Angela Graham West wrote in a Facebook post.

West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, is running for chair of the Texas Republican Party.

The former government official’s campaign Twitter account shared Graham West’s the Facebook post, saying “We are getting more information about this, but right now, we just ask for your prayers and positivity.”

The situation is still developing, but many of West’s friends and families are now urgently asking for prayers for the former congressman.

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