ABC Show Pushing Melania Conspiracy Theory

Melania Trump’s team is slamming “The View” for going pushing a conspiracy theory involving the First Lady.

According to Fox News:

A spokeswoman for Melania Trump ripped “The View” as “shameful” and said the ABC News program laughs in the face of tragedy after a segment exploring whether or not there is a body double for the first lady.

Co-host Joy Behar explained that “some people think the first lady is using an impostor” during public appearances, pointing to a viral conspiracy theory that is labeled with the hashtag #FakeMelania. The ABC News gabfest then displayed tweets in which people speculate that a stand-in actress replaces the president’s wife on occasion.

Behar announced that one particular image of the first lady didn’t look like the real thing.


“I wasn’t going to go along with this but that one, in that picture, doesn’t look like her,” Behar said. “It’s a different shaped face.”


The First Lady’s team was quick to respond and point out how tasteless the conspiracy theory is in the face of tragedy.

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