Alec Baldwin Denies Claims His Trump Impression Helped Trump Win

Alec Baldwin’s mocking parody of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live has helped propel the show to its strongest ratings in years — but the actor denies that the now-famous impression helped Trump win the White House in November.

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph to promote his latest animated film, The Boss Baby, the 58-year-old actor said that people had approached him after the election to tell him that his impression helped smooth out Trump’s edges and had helped “humanize” him.

“There were people who came to me after the election and said, ‘Well, how do you feel that you are, to some degree, responsible for Trump winning the election?’” he told the outlet. “I thought they were kidding, but they said, ‘You humanised him. You took the edges off and made him more personable.’”

“I don’t agree with that,” he added.

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