Anti-Trump Comedian Blames This for Trump Meltdown

Comedian Chelsea Handler is now blaming her “white privilege” as the reason she had a meltdown following Trump’s election victory.

According to Fox News:

Chelsea Handler explained that her ‘white privilege’ is responsible for her acting like a ‘spoiled brat’ following the election of Donald Trump as president.

The 44-year-old comedian spends much of her time in the spotlight since 2016 lambasting Trump and his administration. She previously noted that the election sent her to a therapist and got her hooked on marijuana, she has sent a flurry of politically charged tweets and even voiced a jocular attraction to Robert Mueller.

Appearing on Tuesday’s episode of “The View” the star was asked about her latest politically motivated project, a documentary about white privilege at Netflix.

“White people certainly don’t want to talk about it,” she said of tackling race relations in the U.S. “So I figured, start with myself so, you know, I can hang myself out to dry at my own privilege, at my own reaction to the presidency. Like a spoiled brat, you know, the way so many people were crying and screaming. It was like, ‘well, nothing in your life has ever gone that wrong before?’ I really had to take a look and go, ‘no.’ Yes, my brother died, that was traumatic and awful. But I’ve never been hungry, I’ve never been starving, I’ve never been discriminated against that I knew about.”

Handler went on to say that therapy helped her turn her anger from Trump’s win into motivation to make a change and take action.

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