Bill Maher Blasts ‘Never Trumpers’ On MSNBC

Late night comedian Bill Maher blasted the ‘Never Trump’ hosts and analysts who appear on the ultra-liberal ‘MSNBC.’ As Fox News reports:

“Real Time” host Bill Maher mocked MSNBC’s “Never Trump” hosts and analysts for going “very far left” during the Trump era.

During the “Overtime” segment of Friday night’s show, Maher asked former RNC chairman and MSNBC political analyst Michael Steele about the “roster” of former Republican politicians and operatives that appear on the network, invoking former Bush official-turned-MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace and former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt.

“We only see Never Trumpers,” Maher began. “We see people like you on TV. And Nicolle Wallace. And Steve Schmidt. You’re a Never Trumper, right?”…

“What do the Never Trumpers do? What do they say on MSNBC, who have gone very far left because look who’s giving them their paycheck,” Maher continued. “What do they say if it’s Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren at the top of the ticket? They ‘never Trump’ but would Nicolle Wallace vote for them?”

For once Maher get it right, the ‘Never Trump’ RINO’s working for MSNBC and CNN are simply controlled opposition, bought and paid for by the Democrat party and its allies in the Liberal Media.

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