Billionaire Elon Musk’s Fortune Take a $768 Million Tumble After Disastrous ‘Cybertruck’ Stunt Goes Wrong

Billionaire technologist Elon Musk saw his personal fortune tumble by a massive 768 million dollars, has his company ‘Tesla’ saw it stock price plummet, after the unveiling of their new ‘cybertruck’ went wrong. 

As a viral video from the unveiling of the ‘cybertruck’ showed the vehicle failing a demonstration which was designed to show the unbreakability of its glass. 

As The Daily Wire reports:

Multi-billionaire Elon Musk tried to show off his new Cybertruck in a demonstration of the high-tech futuristic vehicle last week.

It didn’t go well.

While Musk took it well, his bank account didn’t. “Shares of Tesla Inc fell more than six percent Friday after the ‘armored glass’ windows on its newly unveiled electric pickup truck shattered during a demonstration,” The Daily Mail reported. “The sharp drop wiped $768 million off Elon Musk’s estimated $23.6 billion fortune, Forbes reports.” The company’s shares fell to $333.41 at the close of the markets on Friday.

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