Celebrities Demand Gun Control After Texas Shooting

Hollywood celebrities are once again setting their eyes on taking away law-abiding American’s second amendment rights. As Fox News reports:

Celebrities are taking to social media to call for gun control in the wake of a random shooting rampage in West Texas Saturday that left 7 dead and a further 22 injured.

The deceased victims ranged from 15 to 57. The gunman—who was identified in a press release Sunday—used an “AR-type weapon” in the rampage that had multiple crime scenes.

Outspoken celebrities took to Twitter over the weekend to comment on the shooting spree and, in some cases, call for leaders to change gun laws in an effort to reduce or prevent more mass shootings…

“Happy Friday, everyone. And to Republicans, how about no white supremacists with guns after Labor Day?” comedian Chelsea Handler wrote.


Is there any tragedy unhinged liberals won’t try to take advantage of in order to further their far-left, gun grabbing agenda?


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