Chris Hayes Breaks With NBC Over Decision To Support Journalist Who Uncovered Sex Scandal

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews broke with his own network over Ronan Farrow’s new book ‘Catch and Kill’ which details the lengths NBC went to to cover-up rape and sexual harrassment allegations against many of its stars and top brass. As The New York Post reports:

MSNBC host Chris Hayes broke with his own network as he praised Ronan Farrow’s new book — and railed against the higher-ups who allegedly pushed back on his former colleague’s Harvey Weinstein reporting…

In a dig at his own network, Hayes said the “insidious destructive force of the path of least resistance is everywhere you look. Heck, I feel the tug of it myself as my own news organization is embroiled in a very public controversy over its conduct.”…

But he added that “one thing is indisputable. Ronan Farrow walked out of NBC News while working on the Weinstein story and, within two months, published an incredible article at The New Yorker that not only won a Pulitzer but helped trigger a massive social and cultural reckoning that continues to this day.”…

“The path of least resistance is always there, beckoning seductively with an entirely plausible cover story,” Hayes said. “But of course, it’s the very ease of that path that makes it the enemy of the very work that we as journalists are trying to do.”

Top officals at NBC have denounced Farrow’s reporting on the company’s many scandals but it appears that the damage to the liberal news titan has already been done.

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