Dr. Phil: It’s ‘Scary’ to Be In America

It’s a scary time to be in America, Dr. Phil McGraw said Wednesday after a gunman shot Congressman Steve Scalise and three others on a baseball field in Virginia.

“I think it is scary right now, and I think people are getting exposed to things on American soil that we never would’ve thought were going to be part of our lives a generation ago,” the 66-year-old told Fox News.

“Whether it’s school shootings or these random acts of violence, people have to cope with that. I think my show is very important because I think mental health is very important.”  He said he has established an important rule during the 14 seasons “Dr. Phil” has run on CBS — one he applies not only to his shows, but to interviews, too.

“My rule is, I don’t do things if I don’t feel there is a quality takeaway,” he said. “If there is an interview that is only voyeuristic, I don’t do it…. If it doesn’t answer a question or add something to the viewer’s life or the way they handle their family or their health or their children, then there is not some takeaway there.” 

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