Federal Government Bails Out Music Superstar Marc Anthony After Boat Catches Fire

Singing superstar Marc Anthony will be financially assisted by the federal government in recovering is 7-million dollar yacht, which was destroyed in a fire Wednesday in Miami. 

As The New York Post reports:

Marc Anthony lost his $7 million yacht in a fire Wednesday night in Miami, and it appears the federal government will assist the singer in figuring out exactly how that happened.

As Anthony’s vessel remains submerged in the Miami marina, divers have been tasked with addressing possible fuel leaks. Because of the environmental element involved, the US Coast Guard claims the government will be dipping into an Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund to help pay those who will inspect the wreckage and clear fuel from the engines and tanks, TMZ reports.
Once clean-up is complete, a different company will tow the yacht to dry land where investigators can determine exactly why it burst into flames in the first place.

The fund has reportedly pulled $300,000 to complete the investigation, which Anthony — or his insurance company — will be required to reimburse once the job is complete.

Let’s hope that Anthony actually is forced to reimburse the government for this expenditure and this doesn’t become another case of welfare for left leaning celebrities.

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