Fox News Correspondent Leaves Amid Another Scandal

Fox News’s chief Washington correspondent James Rosen abruptly parted ways with the network at the end of 2017 with little fanfare after a nearly 20-year career. Now, NPR reports that Rosen’s departure came amid sexual harassment allegations from some of Fox News’s female journalists.

NPR’s David Folkenflik confirmed details of the accusations with eight of Rosen’s former Fox News colleagues:

According to Rosen’s former colleagues … he had an established pattern of flirting aggressively with many peers and had made sexual advances toward three female Fox News journalists, including two reporters and a producer. And his departure followed increased scrutiny of his behavior at the network, according to colleagues.

Rosen tried to forcibly grope or kiss co-workers, sources told NPR. None of the women were identified in the report, and NPR verified their accounts with colleagues who were aware of the inappropriate encounters. One incident occurred as far back as the winter of 2001, when Rosen allegedly groped the breasts of a female journalist in a cab. After she turned down his advances, he allegedly tried to poach some of her sources.

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