Gun Control Movie ‘Miss Sloane’ Bombs in Box Office

Gun control film Miss Sloane stumbled then collapsed at the box office as EuropaCorp expanded it into 1,648 theaters this weekend, only to take in a reported $1.9 million.

This puts the total domestic intake for Miss Sloane at just under two million dollars, according to Box Office Mojo. Forbes summed it up by saying the movie “bombed” and that it was expanded “with tragic results.”

Miss Sloane stars Jessica Chastain as skilled D.C. lobbyist Elizabeth Sloane, who finds herself taking on the gun lobby in Congress.

Breitbart News previously reported that Miss Sloane was to be another of Hollywood’s many attempts to use the big screen to show Americans in flyover country that gun control is a noble endeavor. The film’s director, John Madden, explained that the film highlighted “the fallacy that any form of gun regulation is a slippery slope to confiscation.”

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