Hero Star Wars Fan Who Died Stopping Gunman Named ‘Jedi Master’ By George Lucas

Riley Howell, a 21 year old star wars fan who died stopping a mass shooter on a North Carolina college campus received a top honor from ‘Star Wars’ creator George Lucas, who has now named him a ‘master jedi’ in tribute to his heroism.

As The Daily Mail reports:

A North Carolina college student who is being hailed a hero after heroically saving his classmates when a gunmen opened fire inside a classroom has been immortalized as a Jedi by the Star Wars franchise production company.

Riley Howell, a lifelong Star Wars fan, died on April 30 when a gunman began shooting inside a classroom in the Kennedy Building at University of North Carolina Charlotte…

His story and love of Star Wars garnered national attention, helping his brave act grab the attention of the Lucasfilm Ltd…

‘Riley’s courage and selflessness brings out the Jedi in all of us. We hope you may rejoice in his memory and we join you in honoring his life and example,’ Lucas O. Seastrom, a Lucasfilm Ltd. Fan Relations Team member said in the letter.

As a small tribute, Lucas Film’s has incorporated Riley’s name into the Star Wars universe and named him an offical ‘Jedi Master’ for his incredible heroism.


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