Hillary’s Sad, Unused Election Night Confetti Gets a New Use

Hillary Clinton supporters expected to be showered with confetti at her election party Nov. 8, and one who was there was so affected by the disappointment of her loss that she used the unused bits for an art exhibit.

Bunny Burson held out the Javits Center until 2 a.m. on election night, but she, her husband, and their two daughters never got to celebrate, CNN reports. Burson decided that she would channel that loss into art to inspire women, so she spent two weeks tracking down the confetti and put it in a snow globe at the Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis, where fans stir the slips of paper 24 hours a day.

The lit snow globe is titled “And Still I Rise” after a poem by Maya Angelou. Burson has said that she has heard from “countless” women that it is empowering, and she names Clinton as her inspiration.

“Hillary Clinton has been a beacon for me really as a woman,” Burson told CNN. “That’s really where I thought that this was going, to be the election of all elections to inspire women.”

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