Hollywood Actor Praises Trump: He’s the First ‘Real Independent’

As much of Hollywood’s response to politics oscillates between rage and whatever the hell is going on with Tim Allen, Werner Herzog is watching the Trump administration with an odd fascination.

The German director described feeling rather detached from Trump, but told Rolling Stone he’s stunned by the president’s ascension. “He’s the first time you have a real independent. [Donald Trump has] turned against the Republican Party, and he’s vehemently against the media, justifiably so to some degree, and I find this a very significant novelty,” Herzog said.

“Trump and Bernie Sanders stuck out because he’s authentic. And it’s mysterious how Trump is getting away with literally everything. I see it with great, strange fascination. Very, very unusual.” There’s some phrasing for the history books: Donald Trump is the first “real independent” president under federal investigation for being potentially dependent on Russia.

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