Hollywood Joins Fight Against ‘Gender Pay Gap’

Hollywood has decided to take on the gender pay gap. The political talking point that is argued to not exist is being abolished by the Hollywood elite. They have a petition containing some 3000 signatures that say so.

According to The Daily Wire:

As many as 3,000 signatures have been added to a petition demanding that Hollywood close the so-called gender pay gap for production workers. Celebrities from Sterling K. Brown to Jane Fonda to Ava DuVernay have all voiced their support.

“It’s time for the Entertainment Industry to take a hard look at its pay and compensation practices above and below the line to make sure all productions meet the legal — and moral — requirement to pay fairly without discrimination,” says the letter, according to The Wrap.

The Wrap reports that entertainment union IATSE hired Working IDEAL to “evaluate the gender wage bias in four female-dominated crafts in film and television production.” Completed in January, the study alleged a wage disparity of “hundreds or even thousands of dollars per week less than counterparts in comparable male-dominated crafts.”

The letter also claims that pay gaps for women enable predators like Harvey Weinstein to take advantage of their subordinates, making it difficult for them to bring #MeToo allegations to light.

It is unclear if executives are willing to give in to the demands of Hollywood, or how they would go about it.

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