Joy Behar Celebrates Democrats for Not Having ‘Family Values’

The hosts of “The View” on Thursday ripped Republican U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy as a hypocrite over reports that the Pennsylvania lawmaker — and House Pro-Life Caucus member — encouraged his mistress to get an abortion. Murphy is resigning later this month.

But amid the compulsory howling and crowing and mouths agape from the stage — and in this case, justified — co-host Joy Behar made an arguably more disturbing point: Democrats don’t have a hypocrisy problem because Democrats don’t believe in “family” values.

“I thought about how I had voted for Bill Clinton, who obviously had a little something under the desk,” Behar explained. “I also voted for John Kennedy in my youth, who had millions of mistresses, or whatever they called them in those days. Teddy Kennedy, who had Chappaquiddick.”

She then stated that “the difference between me and the people who voted for [Murphy] is the Democrats are not the family of values. They don’t go around taking abortion rights away from people or talking about gay rights being rescinded. They’re not hypocrites — they’re just dogs. You see the difference?”

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