Kathy Griffin Refuses to Accept This Loss

Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has conceded his race after losing the election. However, this is not enough for some journalists and comedian Kathy Griffin. They still think he can win.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Comedienne Kathy Griffin did not let Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s concession speech deter her from claiming Gillum actually won.

The Tallahassee mayor conceded the race to Republican Ron DeSantis in a televised concession speech around 11 p.m. ET on election night. “We could not be prouder of the way we ran this race,” a tearful Gillum told supporters. “We recognize that we didn’t win this tonight.”

But Griffin insisted on social media that Gillum actually didn’t mean to concede, and that he would win in a recount and a runoff election.


Every major media outlet has called the race for DeSantis, with 99 percent of precincts reporting. Moreover, Florida does not actually have runoff elections for gubernatorial races; DeSantis would only need a plurality of the vote to win.

It seems that when the election doesn’t go their way the Dems have a hard time accepting the results.

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