‘Lethal Weapon’ Star: Removing George Washington Mural Like ‘Book Burning’

Actor Danny Glover is speaking out after a high school in San Francisco decided to cover a mural of George Washington because it wasn’t politically correct. As Breitbart reports:

Actor Danny Glover is joining the growing chorus of prominent black activists who are opposed to covering a mural at George Washington High School in San Francisco, an artist and critic of the country’s Founding Fathers painted in 1936. Not because the artwork glorifies the first president of the United States but for the exact opposite reason — it reveals, according to Glover and other, America’s ugly past, including the truth about a man who owned slaves and battled Native Americans.

“Glover’s statement asking officials tasked with the decision on what to do with the mural is part of a debate that dates back decades. Glover said the mural should be used as a “teaching tool,” CBS and the Associated Press (AP) reported.

“As a Washington High graduate, I’ve spent my entire life fighting for freedom and the right of artistic expression,” Glover said in a statement. ” Whether it was being in the forefront to bring about the first Black Studies Department in the country at San Francisco State or being involved in films like The Color Purple and most recently the Last Black Man in San Francisco, my record is clear and unambiguous.”

The Lethal Weapon star said as a student he viewed the mural as “a reminder of the horrors of human bondage.”

It’s refreshing to see an actor like Glover speak out against politically correct censorship.


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