Liberal Comedian George Lopez Claims He’ll Accept Iranian Bounty On Trump’s Head

In a stunning and dangerous remark, liberal comedian George Lopez, upon hearing that Iran had put a $80 Million Dollar bounty on the head of President Trump, wrote on Instagram that ‘we’ll do it for half.’ As The Daily Wire reports:

Comedian George Lopez appeared to back a rumored $80 million bounty placed on President Donald Trump from the Islamic Republic of Iran on Sunday, writing on Instagram, “We’ll do it for half.”

An Instagram account posted a graphic that stated: “Iran ‘offers $80 million bounty for Donald Trump’s head’ after death of general.”

The Instagram account wrote in a caption: “#Iranian authorities have put a bounty on American President Donald Trump’s head during the televised funeral of General #QasemSoleimani after he was assassinated last week. What are your thoughts?”

George Lopez responded, “We’ll do it for half.”


Lopez has a long history of making disgusting and often violent remarks about President Trump, but this marks a new low, even for him. As his threat may have crossed the line from tasteless joke to actual  national security threat.


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