Man Protests NFL National Anthem In New Way


A man protested during the National Anthem at the Dallas Cowboys’ game on Sunday, yelling “vote Republican” and “stop abortion.”

According to The Hill:

A protester disrupted the national anthem during the Dallas Cowboys’ game on Sunday by shouting “Vote Republican” and “Stop Abortion.”

The unidentified man walked up and down the roof of the stadium’s field suites as fans stood with their hands over their hearts, according to photo and video taken of the disruption.

He carried a sign reading “Stop Abortion” on one side, and “Vote Republican” on the other, according to video from NBC 5 Sports in Dallas.


Video from the game shows the man being escorted back to the stands by security, and he was reportedly not asked to leave the stadium.

NFL players have been under fire for protesting during the anthem, and this guy is doing the exact same thing. Disrespect is disrespect no matter what you are protesting.

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