Marine Vet STUNS in New Photo Shoot

A Marine vet nicknamed “combat barbie” is back in the news with a stunning new pin-up photo shoot.

According to Fox News:

A Marine veteran-turned-model-turned-fashion-designer is once again blowing up social media, this time with her patriotic, pinup-inspired pics.

U.S. Marine Sgt. Rianna Conner, known as the “Combat Barbie,” joined the military in 2011 right after she graduated high school. The California-born bombshell said she was the first person in her family to go into the military.

“In my immediate family I’m the first to leave my hometown, first to join the military, and now the first to attend college at a University,” she said in an interview with Jam Press.

As soon as Conner joined, she said she earned the “Combat Barbie” title and it just stuck.



Alright loves, the time has come! There are only a few hours left to vote me into the Semi-Finals! ???? Click the LINK IN MY BIO for your free daily vote! ❤️ Help this U.S. Marine Veteran become the next Maxim Magazine Covergirl! ???????? – Here’s a little bit about the reason I chose to run in this competition: I want to show girls everywhere that anything is possible. If a small girly-girl can be the first in her family to become a MARINE, be the first in her family to not only go to college but a University, and receive scholarships for her GPA, and she can successfully make it this far in life, than ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If I were to have the honor of becoming Maxim Magazine’s Covergirl, I would be able to spread my message so much further, to inspire so many girls across the world! Everyone has their different reasons for doing things, and this is my true reason why. Thank you for your love & support! ❤️#TheCombatBarbie

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You will not win. Because I WILL NOT LOSE. ???????????? – Fun fact: I was in boxing throughout high school. It was a healthy way to release my aggression, since before boxing I was constantly getting into fist fights at school. Boxing really turned my life around, and without the discipline of it and the motivation it brought to my life I probably wouldn’t have graduated on time with my class. ???? I have a punching bag in my garage right now, but I definitely want to get back into the ring! I wonder if they’ll still call me “Sticks!” ???????????????????? – Photography: @tygard_photos – #TheCombatBarbie #Sticks #BeYou #Boxing #Everlast #EverlastBoxing #TattooedGirls #Veteran #Marine #Leo #LionHeart #BeBold #CombatBarbie #USA #Latina #Mexican #Italian #AllAmerican

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Conner was in the Marines for 7 years and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012.

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