NBC Hit By Its Own Harassment Lawsuit

No uggos are allowed to work at NBC.

Or, at least, that’s what one former employee is claiming in a new lawsuit against the Peacock Network. Uh oh. According to the complainant, named Stephanie Belanger, a recruiter contacted her for a position as an audio-visual coordinator and specified that NBC “specifically asked for good-looking employees.” Oh, and the said recruiter requested photos of Miz Belanger before even approving her for an interview.

In fact, Stephanie says the hiring professional asked to send “her Facebook/Instagram profile to NBC before she could be interviewed.”  Belanger has called out one superior in particular, an employee named John Carleo. Allegedly, Carleo called Stephanie “a whore,” boasted about having “the hottest coordinator in the office,” and even called himself her “boyfriend with no benefits.” So despicable.

As a form of harassment, John would make reservations for dinner with a date and force Stephanie to fix his shirt for the outing. Belanger’s superior supposedly told her that he had to fire her or his girlfriend would break up with him. Maybe that dude’s girlfriend should just breakup with him regardless??

To make matters worse, NBC did nothing about Stephanie’s many complaints. However, we aren’t entirely shocked to hear this, especially after hearing how they handled her seizure disorder. Per the filing, the young professional revealed that she had two seizures at work due epilepsy and was put on medication which caused some “emotional outbursts.”

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