Netflix Star Michal Rapaport Calls President Trump ‘D*ck Stain’ Over MAGA Challenge

The star of Netflix’s ‘Atypical’ Michael Rapaport attacked President Trump, calling him a ‘d*ck stain’ over his new MAGA challenge. As Breitbart reports:

The star of the Netflix series Atypical, Michael Rapaport is once again indulging his near daily attack on President Donald Trump, this time calling the president a “dick stain” for his MAGA challenge.

Michael Rapaport was seen replying to the president’s tweet Friday, in which Trump announced his plans to award the winners of the #MAGAChallenge — which sees fans who post to social media cute videos showing their support for the president.

But the distempered Rapaport wasn’t having it, tweeting: “Desperate Dick Stain thinks he’s running for Class President. Desperate Pig. With your Desperate Child.”


Apparently, Rapaport has called Trump a “dick stain” before and seems to simply recycle the attack over and over again.

It’s this kind of behavior that has turned so many Americans off to the culture of Hollywood and its liberal allies in congress and the media.

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