NFL Players Pay $50,000 Bail For Undocumented Immigrant


Two activist NFL players decided to help pay the bail for a migrant who crossed the border illegally. As The Daily Mail reports:

An undocumented immigrant who spent three months in a cell after he recited a poem criticizing US immigration policies was released from a detention center Monday thanks to two NFL players who helped cover his bail. 

José Bello, a 22-year-old California college student, attended a board of supervisors meeting in Kern County in May and slammed the government and the immigration agency for its practices while reading a poem he wrote, ‘Dear America.’ …

Word of Bello’s uphill battle to get out of jail reached Josh Norman, of the Washington Redskins, and Demario Davis, of the New Orleans Saints, both of whom are actively working to eliminate the cash bail system.

Norman and Davis joined the New York Immigrant Freedom Fund and the National Bail Network Fund in covering the cost of Bello’s bail, which allowed him to walk out of the Mesa Verde Detention Center on Monday afternoon.

It’s hard to find this kind of left-wing activism attractive, as it does nothing but further encourage more would-be illegals to break the law in hopes that they too may be bailed out once they are inevitably arrested.

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