Norwegian Princess’s Bisexual-Shaman Boyfriend Criticized After Ex-Husband’s Death

The bisexual shaman boyfriend of Norweignian Princess Martha Louise is now under fire after post a comment on the instagram account of a sportswear model only days after the death of her ex-husband Ari Behn, who killed himself on Christmas day. 

As The Daily Mail reports:

Princes Martha Louise’s bisexual shaman boyfriend has been criticised in Norway for ‘flirting’ with a Women’s Sportswear model and praising her body on Instagram a day after his partner’s ex-husband killed himself…

Writing on the post Durek said, reports Xstra: ‘I’m so proud of all the love you put into having the body that makes you feel powerful…

His now removed words provoked outrage online, with Instagram users telling him to focus on his girlfriend’s three children and supporting them instead of spending his time scrolling Instagram…

Princess Martha announced her relationship with shaman Durek in May, but an Instagram post suggests they may have been seeing each other from at least February this year. 


Behn, the princess’s ex-husband, wrote after their divorce that he ‘felt like a fool’ after the entire affair. Leading to speculation that his ex-wife’s new relationship may have contributed to his suicide.


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