Plus-Sized Singer Lizzo Quits Twitter Over Trolls

Plus-sized pop star Lizzo has decided to quit Twitter after constantly being harassed by trolls. As The Daily Wire reports:

After sparking controversy for twerking with her exposed buttocks in public, singer Lizzo has now announced that she will be leaving Twitter due to the presence of “too many trolls.”

In a post on Sunday, Lizzo told her social media followers that she can no longer handle the onslaught of haters and will be signing off until she feels better.

“Yeah I can’t do this Twitter sh** no more … too many trolls … I’ll be back when I feel like it,” Lizzo said, as reported by Fox News…

“I just wanna spread that love and also spread these cheeks. And you know what, if you really don’t like my a**, you can kiss it. ‘Cause kissing it makes it go away, I promise.”

Lizzo has been at the forefront of the so-called ‘body positivity’ movement which seeks to end societal stigma against people you are obese and fight ‘fatphobia.’

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