Robert De Niro Claims He Wants A ‘Bag Of Sh*t’ Thrown In President Trump’s Face

Unhinged anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro has hit a new low in his, seemingly never ending, campaign against the President.

The troubled star let loose duing his appearance on far-left filmmaker Michael Moore’s podcast on Friday, saying that, in reference to President Trump, he’d ‘like to see a bag of shit right in his face.’

As The Daily Wire reports:

The 76-year-old actor hates President Donald Trump, but he’s come up with a whole new disgusting way to show his hatred.

“I’d like to see a bag of s**t  right in his face,” De Niro said Friday during an appearance on the “Rumble” podcast of film director Michael Moore, another sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

“Hit him right in the face like that and let the picture go all over the world,” De Niro said.

De Niro also said he hopes the candidate who wins the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination will try to humiliate Trump whenever they can.

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