Robert De Niro Melts Down After Court Appearance

Anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro had a meltdown after one of his recent court appearances. The actor is apparently upset that his wife is contesting the divorce and causing him to appear in public.

According to The Daily Caller:

Robert De Niro had a public meltdown Thursday when he stepped out of the Manhattan Courthouse following divorce proceedings and his driver wasn’t there.

“Where the f–k are you? I don’t care if the construction guys told you to move. You’d see all the photographers out here. You’re not where you dropped us off,” the 75-year-old outspoken actor shouted to his driver while hiding from photographers behind some newspapers, according to video captured by New York Daily News on Thursday.

“You’re not in front! You’re not where you dropped us off,” he added, according to Page Six. 

De Niro continued, “On Worth Street! Then you’d see all the photographers here! You’re not where you dropped us off!”

The main contention of the proceedings is the custody of the couple’s child. It appears this has really gotten under De Niro’s skin.

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