Roseanne Snaps Back at ABC Execs Claiming Her Show Will Be Less Political Next Season

Roseanne Barr promised fans of “Roseanne” that next season will be “even braver” than this season “despite what anyone mistakenly says.”

“Don’t worry, #Roseanne show fans-next season will be even braver/funnier/timely than this season, despite what anyone mistakenly says,” the 65-year-old comedian tweeted Tuesday. ​ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey predicted the ’90s reboot will trend toward being less political in the second season, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The debut episode on March 27 dealt with how the family was divided after the 2016 presidential election, with Barr playing a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump.

“The show certainly did touch on some of that in the first episode in a very funny way, to look at the different political views between Roseanne and Jackie,” Dungey explained. “That said, having touched on it in the first episode of the season, I think when you look on subsequent episodes of the run, the focus is not really on politics and much more on family and the everyday trials and tribulations that the family faces that still bring them together.”

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