Samantha Bee Compares President Trump To Mass Shooter

Far-left comedian Samantha  Bee compared President Trump to the El Paso shooter during an unhinged rant. As  The Daily Wire reports:

According to The Daily Beast, Bee opened her show by highlighting a recent story out of Manhattan, where people in Times Square were sent scrambling in fear of a potential gunman when the sounds a backfiring motorcycle resembled a gunshot.

“Get rid of the guns!” Bee proclaimed.

With that, Bee quickly launched into a tirade about gun violence in America, how Republicans are terrible, and how Donald Trump is a racist. She took particular issue with President Trump’s speech in the wake of the El Paso shooting — especially his statement that “mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun.”…

“Right, the gun didn’t pull the trigger because that is physically impossible,” Bee replied. “Unless maybe it had one of its ribs removed. But the gun did put the bullets into people, mental illness did not. As far as we know, the El Paso shooter wasn’t mentally ill at all. Being a racist monster isn’t a mental illness. In fact, you can be one and be a ‘very stable genius.’”

These are the types of people who are trying to away law-abiding American’s second amendment rights. Let’s not let them win.


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