SNL Star Find Unlikely Ally At Fox News


SNL star Pete Davidson got some unlikely support in the form of Fox News host Tomi Lahren who backed up his viral rant ripping students. As Fox News reports:

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren came to the defense of SNL star Pete Davidson Friday after a now-viral rant showed him ripping into college students during a recent show at the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Lahren explained that while she usually disagrees with much of what Davidson stands for, “he made a good point” rebuking the students for having their cellphones out, despite the “clear no cellphone rule.”

“Listen, I don’t approve of his word choices,” said Lahren, “and he may have overreacted a little bit — but he makes a good point and a point those in my generation need to hear, whether it sounds nice or not,” she said in her Fox Nation daily commentary “First Thoughts.”

During his performance at UCF’s Pegasus Palooza Comedy Knight, the Saturday Night Live comedian halted his stand-up routine and went off on a profanity-filled rant against millennials, berating students who were filming the show.

Was Tomi right to support Davidson’s profanity ridden rant? Or did it go to far?

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