‘Titanic’ Star Leonardo Dicaprio Saves Man Who Fell Off Boat

Leonardo DiCaprio rescued a man who had fallen off a boat in St. Barts on December 30th, mounting a daring rescue operation. As The New York Post reports:

Leonardo DiCaprio, 45, sprang into action to save a man who had fallen off a Club Med yacht near St. Martin on Dec. 30, a report said.

“Leonardo played a blinding role in his own real-life Hollywood movie,” a source told London’s the Sun newspaper…

“He saved the life of a man overboard who incredibly had survived by treading water for 11 hours. Leonardo’s boat was the only vessel looking for him.”

The “Once Upon in Time in … Hollywood” actor insisted on braving the rough waters to find the man, one hour before sunset and with a storm approaching.

DiCaprio’s boat eventually located the man who was frantically waving his hands in the air, thus saving his life.


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