Trump Denounces Debra Messing As ‘McCarthy Style Racist’

President Trump laid into liberal star Debra Messing after she promoted a sign that called Trump voters mentally ill. As Fox News reports:

President Trump hit back at Debra Messing after she promoted an Alabama church sign that called black Trump voters mentally ill.

“Bad ‘actress’ Debra The Mess Messing is in hot water,” Trump tweeted Thursday. “She wants to create a ‘Blacklist’ of Trump supporters, & is being accused of McCarthyism. Is also being accused of being a Racist because of the terrible things she said about blacks and mental illness.”

“If Roseanne Barr said what she did, even being on a much higher rated show, she would have been thrown off television,” he continued. “Will Fake News NBC allow a McCarthy style Racist to continue? ABC fired Roseanne. Watch the double standard!”

Trump’s tweets came after the Emmy winner apologized for tweeting about the sign — and after #RacistDebraMessing began trending on Twitter.


We’ll have to wait and see whether NBC is forced to make a decision regarding Messings future employment, if they are, let’s hope they make the right one.

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