VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Finds Kid Who Wants to Be Trump When He Grows Up

Jimmy Kimmel invited some kids on his show Thursday to talk about health care in a pre-recorded sketch. Most of them were totally on board with the rich helping the poor out on this one — but there’s always one in a room.

At a certain point in the discussion, Kimmel asked his pint-sized guests what they want to be when they grow up. One girl wanted to be a hip-hop teacher — we assume she was referring to the dance style. The other was on board with the educating idea, but is also interested in becoming a cop. The boy in their group has an entirely different goal.

“Basically, I want to be a Trump,” he said. “A Trump guy.”

Kimmel then asked the trio how much money they have. The girls were both packing about $100, while the Trump wannabe said he’s stashing $100,000. It’s not in a bank, however — dude keeps that kinda cash up in outer space.

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