Whoopi Goldberg: Trump Has Done Nothing for Black Americans

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said President Donald Trump had not done anything for the African-American community while discussing rapper Kanye West’s recent positive comments about the president.

Goldberg said, “I mean, even though there is five black people behind him with a sign that says, blacks for Trump, there is, like, four or five guys standing there. I think it’s the same person. I think it’s the same five people that go everywhere, but I could be wrong. I could be wrong.”

Discussing African-Americans’ support for Trump, co-host Joy Behar quipped, “You know what that’s called? The big lie. It’s been used in other dictatorships. You keep lying and lying and lying and people will believe you.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “The premise is somehow that Trump has done so much for the African-American community, and I just don’t see it.”

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