Colin Kaepernick Posts Message Cheering On Rioters In Minneapolis


Colin Kaepernick has now come out in support of the violent rioters in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd. As The Daily Wire reports:

On Thursday, former San Francisco quarterback and multi-millionaire racial activist Colin Kaepernick posted a message in support of violent rioting in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after an officer knelt on his neck during his arrest, as shown in a viral video.

According to Kaepernick, “civility” is leading to “death,” which means “the only logical reaction” is to “revolt.”

“When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction,” Kaepernick posted to Twitter on Thursday.

“The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance,” he wrote. “We have the right to fight back!”


The four officers involved in Floyd’s death have all been fired and the prosecutors are currently considering filing proper charges against the officers.

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